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NCC Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a 501c3 non-profit corporation in order to provide supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a variety of community living settings. Throughout over three decades of operation NCC Solutions, Inc. has expanded and adapted to the changing needs of the populations which it serves.

We currently provide supports to 160 individuals at over 30 locations throughout Cuyahoga County consisting of Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), Individual Options Waiver as well as Individuals’ homes. In 2012 we began offering Day Programming services to residents of NCC Solutions, Inc. and individuals from the greater Northeast Ohio communities.

All of the ICF homes are licensed and Medicaid certified. All of the Waiver homes operate according to guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The Day Program and Community Volunteer Center programs are certified for Individuals receiving Medicaid ICF and Waiver Supports.

The size, diversity and scope of our available programs enables NCC Solutions, Inc. to provide a continuum of supports so that the individuals will be able to remain part of the NCC family as their needs change and they progress towards more independent living.
It is our goal to provide each of the individuals we support with a comprehensive Individual Service Plan (ISP) that address all of their needs and expands on their strengths coordinated with other NCC Solutions, Inc. and community-based programs.

Many of the individuals we support have lived with us since the early 1980’s. A significant number of our administrative and direct service staff have also maintained employment with our agency since that time. NCC Solutions, Inc. has established a reputation for providing consistent and exemplary services to the individuals who we support.

Our approach to the supports that we provide can be summed up in our Motto, Mission, Vision and Philosophy:


At NCC Solutions, Inc. we devote our resources to enabling individuals with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential. Our person-centered approach recognizes challenges and promotes strengths to ensure a comprehensive and individualized method of program development. We are an agency committed to creating opportunities while growing together in a caring community.


Building lives without limitations by:
Valuing the ambitions and individuality of clients by treating them with dignity and respect.
Encouraging and empowering our clients to make and achieve personal goals.
Giving our clients a role in the community.
Teaching skills that promote independence.
Developingand retaining employees that provide excellent care.
Evaluating the services we offer on a consistent basis.
Giving a voice to people that cannot speak for themselves and providing a platform for those that can.


NCC Solutions, Inc. offers living arrangements to suit the varying functioning levels of our residents. We serve individuals with a variety of needs, from mild to profoundly disabled as well as multiple-handicapped persons. We also believe in a “continuum of care.” This means that as a resident advances in developing the skills needed to live independently, his or her living arrangements are modified to reflect that additional capability.


NCC Solutions, Inc.’s ICF division operates eight distinctive residential homes ranging in size from 8 beds to 18 beds each. Each of these spacious homes is conveniently located in safe, desirable Western Cuyahoga County suburban neighborhoods. The ICF division accepts individuals with moderate to profound cognitive disabilities. The ICF program is able to meet the complex needs of individuals including multiple disabilities, medical conditions, and behavioral concerns.

It is the goal of the ICF division to teach each individual independent living skills. We strive to help each individual achieve the highest level of success and meet their capabilities. Our professionally qualified staff are able to provide exceptional medical, behavioral/psychological, social, dietary, and daily-living skill services to every individual residing with us. Additionally, our licensed professional staff provide nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy evaluations and services to individuals in need.

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals will complete evaluations in ten life areas (physical development and health, nutritional status, sensorimotor development, emotional development, speech/language, auditory functioning, cognitive development, social development, and independent living skills) and develop an Individual Service Plan that both highlights each individual’s strengths and identifies the steps necessary to address the needs of the person. Our team will collaborate on at least a quarterly basis to assess the individual’s progress with the plan.

ICF Homes are managed by experienced staff including Direct Support Professionals (DSP), Direct Support Professional Supervisors, House Manager and a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (QIDP’s), overseen by the ICF Division Manager under the supervision of the Director of Operations.


The Waiver Division of NCC Solutions, Inc. provides supports to individuals receiving the Level One Medicaid Waiver and the Individual Options Waiver, commonly referred to as the I/O Waiver. The Waiver Division consists of approximately 26 sites including licensed and non-licensed homes. The amount of support needed is specific to each individual and home based on a Support Plan developed in coordination with the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We provide support to individuals that may live on their own or with their family.

NCC Solutions, Inc. also provides support to individuals that share services with up to four other individuals. Some of these homes require a few hours a week of staffing services and others require up to 24 hours a day of staffing services. Our philosophy at NCC Solutions, Inc. is to promote a true sense of independence for the individuals we serve and a therapeutic atmosphere conducive to growth in all aspects of life.

To assist in providing this environment, we have access to a full spectrum of health professionals in the areas of nursing, social work, dietary, and psychology. The Waiver Division is a wonderful option for anyone seeking to develop, nurture, and enrich their lives and achieve further independence.

Waiver Homes are managed by Direct Support Professionals (DSP), and the Waiver Division House Supervisor, overseen by the Waiver Division under the supervision of the Director of Operations.


Community-Based Day Activity Programs help people with a wide range of developmental disabilities to fully participate in the community. The goal of the program is full social inclusion for people with disabilities, regardless of the level of support they may need. Our program accomplishes this by creating networks of support with community members and agencies to facilitate equal access to community resources for individuals with disabilities.
Our facilities and programs follow Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for accessibility to ensure full inclusion of all people who use our services and participate in our programs. All efforts are made to accommodate individual’s physical, personal care, communication, and behavior support needs.

Individuals who participate in this program participate in a variety of activities that may include paid work, volunteer work, recreation/leisure, and independent living skills. One of the key goals is to provide some paid or volunteer work for each participant. In this case, each job is matched to the participant’s interests, skills, and level of required support. Many individuals work 2-4 hours a week in groups of 2 or 3, with the support of a NCC Solutions, Inc. staff.

NCC Solutions, Inc. Day Program and Community Volunteer Center responds to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities (including autism and other behavioral and emotional disabilities) by providing individualized programs that focus on supporting the development of continuing education, job skills, related social behaviors, communication, adaptive living skills and leisure. Through our work, with the individual, the family and the community, we are able to assist adults with developmental disabilities to become productive and responsible members of their communities and to effectively manage the challenges of daily living.


To help the individuals who we support reach their full potential, we employ staff of the highest quality and provide initial and on-going training to maintain and develop their skills. In addition to our team of qualified and licensed Administrators, Medical & Therapeutic Professionals, the NCC Solutions, Inc. team also includes exceptionally caring, trained Direct Service Professionals (DSP). DSPs work on a daily basis with the individuals in our homes to implement the comprehensive plan developed by our professional staff.

Ancillary services are provided by a team of Financial, Clerical, Property Management and Technical staff persons.